My ‘keeping time’ pieces are a way of providing a counter culture message against our modern day society’s obsession with ‘time keeping’. The series offers visual images about ‘keeping time’ – thinking, sensing and marking the passing of time. These timed, walking pieces were started during a residency in December 2016, in response to the evocative spaces and history of the place of the Crypt, London. The walking pieces tell extremely ‘slow time’ – they were made firstly by slow walking so that the paper takes on the memory of the walking process and is left with the imprint of the footsteps and the indentation of the walked surface. Mark making was later created slowly and reflectively on the walking pieces, as time reveals itself, offering an invitation to the audience to slow down, pause and reflect. The final piece is the culmination of the slow walking followed by the slow mark making, which presents the on-going process of keeping time.