The inspiration for this pieceĀ of work comes from a brain scan image of a person with dementia. The picture is as beautiful as it is daunting and confusing, and as vast as it is fragile and detailed. The word ‘forest’ is defined in the dictionary as a dense mass of tangled objects.

‘This forest is majestic, but also comic and even tragic… Every novel and every symphony, every cruel murder and every act of mercy, every love affair and every quarrel, every joke and every sorrow – all these things come from the forest… You may be surprised that it fits in a container less than one foot in diameter. And that there are seven billion on this earth. You happen to be the caretaker of one, the forest that lives inside your skull. The trees of which I speak are those special cells called neurons.’

Sebastian Seung, Connectome:
How the brain’s wiring makes us who we are
, 2012